Property Management

KALIODOSCOPE provides developers, landlords, and investors a full range of property management services through a professional property services team and property managers. Our objective is to handle the day‐to‐ day needs of your property, minimize vacancies and maximize your bottom line. A well managed property will serve as an incentive to the tenants to remain in occupation for longer periods. Accordingly, a good management will also ensure that your asset is maintained and costs and revenues are budgeted and accounted for.

Our property management services include:

  • ™ Property Marketing & Leasing
  •  ™ Tenant Screening
  •  ™ Preparing & Documenting Lease Agreements
  •  ™ Lease Coordination & Management
  •  ™ Around Clock Property Maintenance Services
  •  ™ Rent Collection & Financial Reporting
  • ™ Cleaning & Security Services

PROPERTY MANAGEMENT also owns and manages a range of Serviced Estates and individual properties in various prime business locations for branch offices, project offices, and international companies, with the following facilities and services:

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